Lord, I am angry,

So angry, with what is happening.

It is so unfair, unjust, unethical.

I want to lash out

Hold someone responsible.

I want to take my anger out on them.

But your word says

To turn the other cheek;

To pray for them

And treat them kindly.

But how can I?

I have no money.

I canít pay my bills

Or buy what I need

Simply because of a stupid mistake.

What do I do now?

Creditors are calling.

The food is running low.

How do I cope?

Lord; help me to find a way.

Bring peace to my heart.

Show me how I need to do,

How to act appropriately

At times like this.

Guide me lord.

I am lost without you!

By: Ann Martin

April 9, 2000

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