I Had A Friend

A long time ago when I was little

I had a friend to while away the hours

We would play with dolls and balls

We played jacks and hopscotch

We ran around the block

Or sat under the cherry tree

Then a thousand miles away

My family did move

My friend and I had to part

Some time ago when I was a teen

A bosom friend I found

To school we would walk

And back home again

We went to the games together

And yelled our lungs out on the pep squad

We shared all our deepest thoughts

Our dreams and hurts

Then we both married

And went our separate ways

During my twenties I thought I had

A soul mate for life

The man I married seemed to be

The friend who would always be there

But as time went by we grew apart

The day soon came when

We would find our dreams

Just did not go the way we thought

He too left my side

And I was on my own

In my thirties and forties

I have had a variety of friends

Some were good, others weren’t

Some were kind and helpful

While others just took advantage

Slowly the bad ones went away

And most of the good ones have stayed

I have a friend now

That is always there

This one doesn’t look the other way

When trouble comes along

This friend is never too busy

To stand by my side any time of the day or night

This friend always reaches out

With loving arms no matter what my mood

This friend I can call out to

And know He is always there

I have a friend now

His name is Jesus

He can be your friend too

Just call out, He’ll be there.

By: Ann Martin


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