Angels donít exist or so Iíve heard

And I think how very absurd!

All one has to do is open the Good Book

Take a really good look.

Angels are all around

In every nook and cranny they do abound

The Bible tells us they are our friends

And from heaven they do descend

They are there to watch and lend

A helping hand for each prayer that we send

When we are born God does assign

A guardian angel to help keep us in line

Our prayers they swiftly carry

To Godís throne, they do not tarry.

They are here to watch, to guide, and to help

Each and every time that we yelp

So next time someone does say

Angels arenít real or here to stay

Tell them to open up their eyes

An angel they might just spy.

By: Ann Martin

July 31, 1999

This page Copyright ©2000 Ann Martin


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