Awesome Lord

As I ponder the wonders of

Our awesome Lord

I canít help but feel humbled

By the many blessings

Our precious Lord has bestowed

On each and every one of us

I look around and see

The beauty of puffy white clouds

In an azure blue sky

I hear the twittering

Of many birds singing with joy

I smell the perfume

Of splendid blooms in all their glory

And I feel the precious love

Of each child I teach

As each of these things come to mind

I am reminded of the burden

That the Lord has placed upon me

I humbly bow and ask

For wisdom in the words I speak

Compassion for all around me

A new appreciation for all God has created

A fresh perspective on words I read

For joy to rise anew within my heart

To allow His love to shine forth

So that all I meet can clearly see

The mantle of my Lord all around me

With heartfelt gratefulness

I thank the Father for my life

And for those I meet

For His provision

Of my every need

For the beauty that surrounds me

And for His word that teaches me

But most of all

I thank Him for

The precious gift of Jesus

And that He loves each of us enough

To have sacrificed His only Son

Just to provide a way

That we may someday

Be reunited with our creator.

By: Ann Martin

March 11, 2000

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