The Beauty of Godís World

There is so much beauty in this world to see

I am sure that if you look around youíll agree

It can be seen in the sparkle of a childís eye

Or in the soft and gentle flight of a butterfly

A gentle breeze swiftly wending through a tree

The zigzagging journey of a bee

The bright red color of a rose

Or how about a humming bird zipping here and there

A meadow soft and green with a friend you share

The deer who by the water pauses

A cat after a nap stretching out it claws

An eagle flying so very high

Or the dawn as a new day draws nigh

The redwood tree majestic and tall

The tiny little lady bug so small

A rainbow with its beautiful hues

A newborn babe in his mothers arms taking a snooze

A garden after the rain has ceased

The perfume a flower does release

But with all this beauty all around

Thereís nothing to compare with Godís love that abounds

He created all these things

Of which nature itself heartily sings

He made them for everyone of us to enjoy

To pause and refresh ourselves from our employ

And if as we go about taking all this in

Our Father we forget to thank, it is our sin

So take a moment and do pray

To thank our gracious Father each and every day

By: Ann Martin

Sept. 2, 1999

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