Bleeding Heart

There is a bleeding heart

He lies in the streets

His bed is the stone cold concrete

His blanket newspaper and cardboard

He hasnít had a meal all day

And his chances for one tomorrow are bleak

He lost his dreams long ago

His hope is a forgotten thing

He often wonders why he goes on

What is the reason for his life

And why should he care

There is a bleeding heart

A small child crying and lost.

He is hungry and cold

There seems there is no one to give comfort

No one to guide him to his future

He has no arms to wrap around him

And no mother to tuck him in

He wanders here and there

Hoping some kind soul will help

A scrape of food or a warm jacket would do

He has no dreams

He canít think of the future

How can he

He has so many needs

There is a bleeding heart

A young women on the edge of death

She left home so young

And found herself without resources

She had to give up her dignity and pride

Just to find something to eat

And a place to sleep

She stands on the street corner each day

With the hope that someone will come along

A little money will take care of todayís needs

And tomorrow she will start all over again

What happened to her dreams

Of happily ever after

And some beautiful children to raise

She often wonders

Wouldnít death be better

There was a bleeding heart

He lived long ago

Each time He saw the down trodden

His heart would break

And His arms He put forth

Each one He desired to help

He so wanted to provide for all

And give of love sublime

He finally paid the ultimate price

And laid down His life for all

He provided a path to all mankind

A way for us to live eternally

Beyond the pain and sorrow

That on earth we do suffer

He only asks that each of us

Come humbly and invite him in

His love He freely gives

He gives back your hope

And has planned a beautiful future

For all that will accept Him

And follow His lead

By: Ann Martin

June 19, 2000

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Artwork by Norman Rockwell


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