I sit in awe and wonder

As I contemplate the many blessings

The Father has given to me.

He has blessed me with good health

And the ability to earn a living.

He has provided for my every need

Throughout all the valleys of my life.

He has given me two precious sons

Who have grown into two wonderful men.

He has blessed me with intelligence

To read and learn more of him.

He has planted a deep love

For all the children who through my classroom pass.

He has bestowed on me the gift of encouragement

To reach out to others when they are discouraged.

He has brought me many friends

That are there when I need them most.

He has given me hearing

With which to listen to the music around me.

He gave me my sight

To see all the beauty He has created.

But the richest and best of all

Are His love and the sacrifice of His Son

That I might live eternally.

By: Ann Martin

July 28, 2000

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