There are times when I feel so alone.

It seems there is no one who cares.

But in my heart I know this is not true.

For wherever I go, whatever I do,

I have a constant companion.

He is there in my darkest hour,

And in happy times too.

I cannot hide from Him,

Nor can I run away.

He always knows where I am

And what I am going through.

When I am down, itís hard to see the light.

And when I am up, it is hard to remember it.

But my companion waits patiently

For me to acknowledge Him,

To seek Him and spend time with.

He never turns away or gets too busy.

I only have to call out,

He is instantly there.

My companion is my Lord and Savior,

The Lord Jesus, the shepherd of my soul.

He knew me before I was born.

And has watched over me everyday of my life.

He guides me gently but allows me to make mistakes.

He reaches out with loving arms each time I fall.

He knows my every thought,

And the motivations of my heart.

He will be there to guide me home

The day that I breathe my last.

Someday I will see Him face to face

And be able to feel His sweet embrace.

What a joyful day that will be!

By: Ann Martin


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