The lions are roaring, clawing

The vultures are descending

At every turn are the wild beasts

Salivating, waiting for me to stumble

I can feel their hot breath

See their lust for my flesh

I am trapped once again

With what seems no way out

My hope is rapidly dwindling

The light is growing dimmer

The darkness surrounds me

The hole becomes ever deeper

Where do I turn?

Who can I trust?

Where is God now?

Lord, I need your touch

I need to feel you close to me

Touch me I pray

Help me, Lord

I am in such despair

Lift me up, Lord

Renew my strength

Rebuild my hope

Replace my despair

Embrace me Lord

I am so in need of Your love

Restore me, Lord

You are my only hope

My one resource

Without you I am nothing

I have come to you before

And You have been faithful

You have provided for me

You have guided me

And I know in the midst of this valley

You will draw me up

You will pull me out of this despair

You will prove your love once again

This test too will pass

And I will rejoice

And once again feel the confidence

That only You can provide

Thank you Father

For hearing my prayer.

By: Ann Martin

September 24, 2000

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