Our Country

With humble beginnings

Did our country arise.

A lofty idea to worship God

Without restraint and fear.

Proper place was given

To the heavenly Father above.

But where have those lofty thoughts gone

In the many ensuing years?

What was founded on faith and devotion

Has turned into a place of self-gratification.

Where once hard work, and devotion,

High ideals and worship of God

Was looked upon as proper,

Now has given way to selfishness

And turning away from our maker.

Society now is more focused

On staying one step ahead of his neighbor

And hoarding of our goods.

So many of our nation

Now accept promiscuity and abortion

Thievery and deception

As a normal part of life.

Thought is not given to the Creator of our lives.

Instead we run after almighty dollar

Or praises for ourselves.

How our Fatherís heart must ache

Each time He sees

Our county sinking lower

Into our sinful ways.

Our Lordís patience is long

And His love is eternal

But there is coming a day

When His patience will end.

Oh how sorrowful is that day

When judgment is ushered in!

I can hear an eternal cry

Emanating from heaven above.

It is begging all mankind

To turn from sinful ways.

It is shining a light,

A beacon to the ages.

It is our Fatherís dearest desire

That all return to Him.

He has given us provision,

A path to His eternal home.

His Son He has sacrificed

That we might have life.

Oh when will we see?

When will we open

Our hearts and eyes?

His way is the only way

That true happiness can be found.

Turn, I beseech all,

Turn around your ways.

Lift your hands and hearts

To the heavenly Father above.

By: Ann Martin

November 20, 2004


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