Cry For Freedom

As I grew up I often heard

That freedom was a special word.

It is a symbol of our land

And was fought for by many a hand.

Our founding fathers did resound

And with their speeches did expound

Of benefits many to us all

Many a man responded to its call

Those ideals of pilgrims pride

Now so many seem to deride

The faith of long ago

Is often looked on as simple and slow

Prayer in our schools cannot be found

Lawlessness and crime they do abound

Our freedom we have trampled down

And our politicians appear to be clowns

Our cities; a prison they have become

We hide behind locked doors and do succumb

We do not turn to the only one

Who can truly set us free, the Good Lordís Son

With his arms out wide He invites us in

Instead we would rather continue in our sin

Freedoms call continues to beckon

With our Lord we must reckon

Alone we need not fight

Just call on God, Heíll use His might

His way is the only way

To have our freedom today

Our country can be turned around

If our prayers do resound

Never give up, keep looking forward

For our children we must go toward

The Lord our God who can change

The hearts and minds that arrange

The laws and ways of our land

Each of us must take a stand

To accomplish this there is only one way

Just pray!

By: Ann Martin


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