Easter Morn

What was it like

That long ago Easter morn?

His followers must have been

So frightened and confused.

The man they had followed

And come to believe in

As the Son of God

Had been crucified.

He was dead and buried.

What would they do now?

They had given up everything

To follow this amazing man.

So many miracles they had seen.

He healed the sick

And opened blind eyes.

He fed the multitudes

With only a tiny bit of food.

He walked on water

And commanded the storm to cease.

But even more amazingly

He made the dead to live again.

How could He die?

Why didnít he save Himself?

He had done nothing

To justify this horrible death.

Yet there He hung and died

In excruciating agony.

He was laid away

In a cold stone tomb

No longer to guide them

And show them the way.

The disciples hid in fright

From prying eyes all around.

When in rushed Mary

With an incredible tale.

Their master was gone!

His body was not there!

They did not believe her.

He must have been taken away.

Off rushed Peter and John

To see for themselves.

At the tomb what would they see?

Angels stood there announcing

The Lord is risen!

He is not here!

They went inside the tomb

But no body did they espy.

Instead only the cloth

That had tenderly been wrapped

Around Him lay there

Like an empty shell.

Was it possible, could it be?

Had He really returned to life?

Where was He now

And what should they do?

They returned to their shelter

To await what time would bring.

To their amazement

The Lord Himself appeared

And confirmed He was alive.

What joy they must have felt

Their hearts bursting with love.

The master had not deserted them.

He was with them still!

He had suffered and died

Endured so much pain

Only because He loved them

And to provide a way

That all mankind could someday

Live eternally in heaven

With He and His Father

No more to suffer

Or have pain.

Our transgressions

He took on Himself

So that we may too

Sit at His feet forever

And experience the boundless love

Of the Father

As it was always meant to be1


By: Ann Martin

April 23, 2000

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