The Gift

The future holds promises

The Past holds pain

Tomorrow holds hope

Yesterday holds dismay

Looking forward brings dreams

Looking back brings nightmares

The evil one wants us to wallow

In all the old wounds we’ve sustained

The Lord of all helps us climb up

Into the light that brings release

Our minds often drag us back

To dwell on wrongs and misdeeds

Our spirit tries to point us toward

The cleansing love of our God

Put down all those filthy rags

Of sin and guilt of your past

Put on the clean fresh garments

Of forgiveness and redemption

That only Jesus can give

He gives hope to the hopeless

Courage to the frightened

Cleansing to the guilty

And healing to the sick

But he desires most of all

To give the gift of love

To every man, woman and child

By: Ann Martin

November 4, 2000

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