Godís Timing

Why is it we are so impatient

For the answer to our prayer

Each time we petition the Lord?

And why is it we are so unhappy

When that answer isnít the one

That we thought was right for us?

Have we all forgotten that God

Is our loving Father and always knows

What is the best way to answer those prayers?

Do we need to be reminded constantly

That the Lord knows all our needs

Even before we cry out to Him?

Why canít we be content

And accept the way God works things out?

We often think we know the best answer

And try to manipulate

And bargain with the Lord

If only He would see things our way.

But like the loving Father that He is

He gives us what we really need.

Not what our selfish minds think we should have.

All of us need to learn to accept Godís way

And put aside our "me first" attitudes.

Our Lord Jesus gave us the greatest example

When in the garden He asked the Father

To spare His life and find another way.

But when the Father said

The sacrifice He must make

Our Lord Jesus accepted

And said these simple words

"Not my will but thine".

The Father gives to each

The perfect answer for each prayer

And He gives it in perfect timing.

Letís all endeavor to say

"Not my will but thine"

no matter the answer He gives.

By: Ann Martin

June 29, 2000

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