The Holy Night

Way up high in the sky

Shines a star so bright

It looks down upon a place

Bethlehem is itís name

At itís edge there is a stable

Where there lies a babe

Within his motherís arms heís cradled

Far away from harm

His bed is a lowly manger

No soft quilt or pillow for him to rest upon

Just the hay put there to feed

The animals who gather round

In the fields not far away

Shepherds gaze in awe

As the skies alight

With angels in all their splendor

Instructions they are given

To go find this lowly child

To worship and adore the Son of God

Of whom prophets have foretold

And far away are men so wise

They know the movements of the heavens

And gaze upon the stars

When one stands out to point the way

To the birth place of a king

They travel long and far

To find this holy child

And lay before him riches untold

This dear small babe will

In the future make enemies many

Who try and finally succeed

To bring an end to his life

He is hung upon a cross to die in agony

And laid in a tomb that is not his own

But that child has for them

Quite a glorious surprise

For his death is not the end

But only the beginning

In the grave he does not stay

But by Godís great power

He again lives and reigns

And brings hope to a dying world

He holds out his arms

In loving acceptance

To all who will on humble knees

Come and invite him into their lives

Someday he will take those who believe

To his fatherís home

Where they will live without sorrow

In an eternal home

They will never again experience

Pain or harm

Because this is the home of the Father

Who offers only love

All this is because one night long ago

A babe was born for you and me

On that holy night


By: Ann Martin

August 1,1999

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