Where am I going

And what will I find

When I come to the end?

I have many questions;

They go unanswered.

But I cannot stop

I must go on.

Somehow I know

To a better place

I am heading.

I do not look back,

The past holds nothing

Except pain and sorrow.

It cannot help me

In my quest for tomorrow.

Somewhere up ahead

My journey will end.

Deep within my soul

I somehow innately know

That the place I am looking for

Is the fulfillment of many promises.

I must press on

And not tarry here.

The one who is beckoning

Is eager to see

My face light up

When I espy Him and recognize

My creator and Father.

As I take my last earthly steps

I will be transformed.

Loving arms will enfold me

And I will hear

These precious words softly spoken,

Welcome Home!

By: Ann Martin


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