Humble Prayer

Heavenly Father
You are our source
You are our reason for living
Only you know what each of us needs
Only you know our inmost being
Search us, O Lord
Delve deep inside each of us
Where there is pain
Send comfort
Where there is sorrow
Send joy
Where there is disease
Send healing
Where there is dwindling faith
Build up
Where there is fear
Send boldness
Where there is loss of hope
Send refreshing
For those deep in a valley
Lift them up
For those who are unsure
Erase all doubt
Come swiftly, my Lord
Come and work in each of us
Cleanse our hearts and minds
Use us to Your glory
Shine through us
Your eternal light
Make us Your instrument
Bringing forth the promise of salvation
Open our mouths with song
Let us sing joyfully of Your love
Thank you, my Father
For holding us firmly in Your hand
Thank you for the sacrifice
Of Your precious Son
That we may be reborn
And live eternally with You
Thank you for the many blessings
Both big and small
That you send each day
And help us to remember
Where those blessings are from
We love you Lord
Our hearts yearn for You
Keep us close to Your side
Let us not stumble
And forgive us when we do
We praise Your holy name
We lift our hearts and minds
To You our source
And humbly offer ourselves
As servants for Your use
In Jesus' name, Amen

Ann Martin

July 13, 2003

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