In the Face of Adversity

Adversity has come

Hardships and trials

Are falling like raindrops

In the midst of a storm

With every hour it seems

New troubles come flooding in

My spirit has been weighed down

With worries and woes so heavy

Yet it is at times like this

That I know where I should go

It is not to mankind

Nor to government offices

Nor anywhere on this earth

It is to heaven my eyes look

Sending my thoughts and needs

To lay before my heavenly Father

It is with heavy heart

And spirit down fallen

That I lie prostrate

At His feet

And it is there

That He lifts me up

Encircling me with His love

Giving me new hope

So even in the face of adversity

I can rise up

And stand firm

Knowing that the Lord

Has a firm grasp on my life

And knowing that my needs

Are all taken care of

Through my God, my King

And my Provider

But now, I pray

That God gives me the strength

To put one foot in front of the other

To keep moving forward

And to not lose hope

That He will hold my hand and my heart

As He guides me through this valley.


By: Ann Martin

September 7, 2006


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