Life is so tough and at times can be so cruel.

You fall in love, but in the end feel such a fool.

You commit yourself to just the one

And think together, oh what fun!

Then the trials and hardships come around.

You wonder, where is love now?

Itís not to be found.

You are deserted and left alone.

To flounder, to grasp, to hurt, to moan.

Just when you think you are beyond the pain, the sorrow,

Along comes one more reminder

To cause you to not want to see tomorrow.

Where is love now, where is the joy?

You feel as if you were just a toy

A plaything to be enjoyed for a time.

But when the hardships come and fun disappears

You are tossed aside as if you arenít worth a dime.

I am told the pain, the sorrow will recede.

But in the night, at the darkest hour,

It only seems to proceed.

In the morning you try to put on a guard

To act as if for the past times you have no regard.

Who are you fooling?

You are the only one.

As you realize this, you think

"Oh my God, when will this be done?"

By: Ann Martin 3/13/96

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