The Lonely Bible

Here I sit upon the shelf

In a bookstore on display

I sit here waiting for just one

To come and take me down

To their home I will go

Here comes a person

Looking confused and lost

She espies me on the shelf

Down I come and am leafed through

To the register and in a bag

I am on my way

To her home to enlighten

And teach Godís way

I am placed in the center

Of a coffee table

The place of honor

Soon I hope she will

Open my pages and see

All the wonderful knowledge

That I display within

As time goes by

I am left alone gathering dust

Untouched, and unread

But still in the place of honor

How can I give of my knowledge

If never a page is turned

And never a passage looked up

So once again here I sit

Alone and unused

My knowledge is never sought

Godís love is not found

Why did she buy me

If I am only here to decorate

And look impressive

Lying upon a table

What a waste

I could teach her so much

And she could find the answer

To so many of her questions

She just needs

To open me up

And begin to read

God will guide her

To the very passage that she needs

By: Ann Martin

July 12, 2000

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