Look Up

Look up my loved one

Look up and see me

Look up, I am there

I will enfold you in my arms

I will uphold you

I have all that you need

Leave your cares with me

I will take care of it

You need not worry

I am your sufficiency

I desire to provide all

Drop your burden in my hands

It is not heavy for me

I will heal your broken heart

I will return your joy

Let go of all your concerns

You cannot fill their needs

I am your God

I will not let you fall too far

My eye is always on you

Look up and see

I am your Father

I love you more than you can imagine

Your enemy cannot win

I conquered him long ago

Put away your fears

They have no power

I will renew your strength

I will return your hope

You are my child

I will never leave you

You are precious to me

Look up my precious one

Abide in my love

By: Ann Martin

October 28, 2000

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