What was Mary thinking

That day so long ago?

When an angel stood before her

In all his glorious splendor?

What went through her mind

When that angel gave her news

Of events so awesome

So wonderful and joyous?

How did she feel?

Was she frightened?

Did she want like a rabbit

To run and hide from the burden?

She must have been

So overwhelmed, awestruck

And maybe unbelieving.

Her, have a baby; the Son of God?

She must have thought

Why me, there are so many!

I am unworthy.

This burden is too heavy!

Yet in her fear and awestruck state

She consented to obey

To be a bridge between man

And the Father of eternity.

She was so young

So very innocent of

All she was about to bring

To mankind, the gift of eternity.

And as the story unfolded

In the many months

And years to come

She must have thought again, "Why me?"

By: Ann Martin


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