Murky Waters

Help! I am drowning!

The murky waters are rising.

There’s darkness on every side.

Sharks are snapping wanting my flesh.

The whirlpool is swirling.

The shore seems so far away.

There is no help in sight.

No life boat to rescue me.

I am falling ever deeper.

Drifting ever farther from shore.

I am so alone.

I tremble in fear.

Is there no one who cares?

Where are the supporters now?

Where are the ones who promised steadfastness?

Oh how I need someone to reach out!

An enfolding of arms would feel so good .

Why is it when troubles come,

All those around seem to flee?

Where are the listening ears?

Where is the comforting shoulder?

I am left to flounder.

To sink or swim on my own.

I feel I am fighting a loosing battle

With no end in sight.

I may be justified in my battle

But I seem to be losing.

And will soon be tossed even deeper.

To be left forgotten lying on the bottom,

Never to be thought of again.

Help! I am drowning!

By: Ann Martin

Oct. 22, 2000

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