My Lordís eyes are so deep, so full of love.

A love so much larger than the universe.

His eyes are on us all

Even the smallest and least significant.

His eyes reflect a longing, a desire

To draw each one of us to Him

To heal us and make us whole.

He never asks us to become better

To clean up our act

Before coming to Him.

But to come just as we are

No matter how much sin is in our lives.

He seeks us out, here, there, and everywhere.

His heart breaking, bleeding for each of us.

He wants to make us whole

And make us into His image.

Maybe someday, we too will reflect

All that love coming down from above

And draw those around us

To our Fatherís heart

And all the heavenly blessings

He has awaiting on each of us to bestow.

By: Ann Martin 10/94

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