As I was going through my Motherís things after her death, I found this poem amongst her high school memorabilia. This was probably written in the 1940ís or earlier. I do not know anything about the author but felt that the poem had such a good message, I decided to put it on my site. Let me know your thoughts about it.

One Penny For Jesus

I counted my pennies one by one,

Which I said were mine for the work Iíd done.

It went allright Ďtill I cam to "ten",

And that is where real trouble began!

One penny for Jesus?

Surely that could not be!

For that leaves only nine for me!

I counted again and looked for more

But my conscience hurt, and my heart was sore,

For Jesus wanted the one called "ten",

And a thief I had never been!

One penny for Jesus?

Could it possibly be

That He would request no more from me?

I counted again with a clearer view

Not pennies, but what those pennies might do;

If a soul could be won with a mite called "ten",

Why not Godís work with the nine begin?

My pennies I never counted again!

One penny for Jesus?

Could it possibly be?

When He gave His life and His all for me?

By: Donna M. Garn

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