The Path To Glory

What is that shining way up high?

Is it my Lord who has come nigh?

What is that sound I hear?

Is it His voice that is so clear?

I can see beauty in the clouds.

A path so narrow and yet so dear.

As it nears that place up there

At its gates I can only stare.

Mansions so pretty and streets of gold

My eyes in awe, they do behold.

It seems so very far and yet so near.

I long to draw closer and watch my Lord appear.

All the days of my life on earth

Will soon seem so small and of little worth.

My Lord will in His arms

Hold me near and far from harm.

There will be such joy, such peace

My spirit will rejoice for sweet release!

That day is drawing ever so close.

It will happen sooner than I imagine, I suppose.

I lift my eyes in longing and desire

To behold His glory and His fire.

On that day when I hear His call

I will not hesitate nor will I fall.

I will not look back because I know the end of the story.

I will gladly tread upon that path to glory!

By: Ann Martin

July 25, 1999

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