People Need The Lord

As I walk down the street

I see people trying to hide their fear

And pretending they aren’t afraid.

They blithely go about their busy day

Acting as if they don’t need anyone

Or help from anywhere.

When will they wake up

And see the light before their eyes?

How can they continue on

Without the seeking the love of the Lord?

When will they acknowledge

The only one who can give them

The peace they so desperately seek?

When will they tear down the façade?

Humble themselves and ask forgiveness

From our loving Father above?

He longingly reaches out

Freely offering His grace

To all who sincerely seek Him.

Instead they continue in their pride,

Pretending they are all they need.

Holding in the pain and sorrow,

Wearing a smile on their face.

Patching the wounds with worldly vices,

Continuing on with their broken hearts.

Oh Lord, open their eyes,

Reach into their hearts,

Help each one to finally see,

People desperately need You Lord!

By: Ann Martin

September 30, 2000

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