I wrote this as my brother was nearing the end of his earthly life. Just 9 days later he passed away. I do not know if he did finally accept Jesus as his Savior, but I know that many, including myself witnessed to him right up to the end. I can only hope that he did, at some point before leaving this earth surrender his life to Jesus and that someday I will have reunion with him in heaven.

Searching Soul



Fears and doubts

His life is coming to an end

And he is afraid and doubtful

Wondering and confused

He has heard of Godís saving grace

But is unsure of itís truth

There are so many religions

And so many beliefs

How can he be sure

That this Jesus is really

The one and only way

To life eternal?

With so many choices

What if he chooses wrong?

There would be no going back

No second chance

He is clinging to life

Standing on the brink

Of all eternity

Looking into that colossal chasm

Dare he take that leap of faith?

Oh Lord, help him!

Help him to see that You, only You

Are the hope that he seeks!

Open his eyes, Father

Let him tangibly feel Your love

And feel Your presence around him.

Take him into Your arms Lord,

Hold him close to your breast

Erase his doubts and fears

Reveal to him Your truth

Let him know without a doubt

That surrendering his life to You

Is his only hope and answer

To all he desires.

Let him give his life

Into Your loving arms

And Father, when his time comes

To pass from this life to the next

Tenderly embrace him

And take him to Your eternal peace

Far from all pain and fear

Where he may at last

Have the peace he so desperately sought

As he walked in this sinful world.


By: Ann Martin

November 9, 2006


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