What a silly word!

What is so special about it?

Iíve really never heard.

It sometimes makes me angry

To see how hurtful they can be.

Just simple little phrases

That can change lives so easily.

Theyíre often told in the dark

So that those who say them can hide.

And all the harm they do

I really canít abide.

How people are overpowered

By such simple phrases.

Jesus is there to help,

To Him be all the praises!

We become so very anxious

Whenever a secret is told.

The Father has commanded us

Not to be afraid, but to be bold.

We enter into denial

The minute a secret is revealed.

If we would only let Him

Our wounds, through Jesus, would be healed.

It is said we are to forgive,

But what does this really mean?

How can you accept and forget

With all the harm youíve seen?

Then we would have to embrace

And learn to love

The very people

We would much rather shove.

And what is the cause

Of all this sin?

It is the devil and our minds

That lets all this begin.

Is it worth the cost,

That each of us must pay?

Why canít we open our eyes,

And try to do it Godís way?

We all allow those simple little words

No matter what our age

To enter deep inside

And create a terrible rage.

If we would search our memory

I think that we would all find

That if we give it all to God

He would help in the renewing of our mind.

With Godís truth

All those horrible feeling

Can be taken care of

With Godís very special healing.

By: Ann Martin




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