Little Sparkle

This is dedicated to my step-daughter, who I wish I knew when she was little.

Long ago on a summer’s day

She was just a little sparkle

Lying on fertile ground.

She should have been tenderly cared for

And watered ‘til full grown.

Instead she was neglected and rejected

Left to fight on her own.

Through long months and many years

She dreamed of someday finding

The family she so longed for.

But as the years flew by

Her dreams all but vanished.

Her hopes of gaining her desires

Were crushed and trampled into the ground.

Then one day a ray of light

Gleamed on her horizon.

The impossible had happened.

Her dream was becoming reality.

Wary and unsure she responded to a call

And suddenly, oh so suddenly

Her world was turned upside-down.

With each day came a new revelation.

The family she had so yearned for

Was rapidly becoming reality.

It happened so quickly

It was almost more than she could take.

Was she ready for this transformation?

Could she leave her anonymity?

Was she actually being given a gift of family?

It appeared that long ago sparkle

Left alone to struggle in this world

Would no longer have to dream of family.

Her questions would now be answered.

Her hopes would now be fulfilled.

So shine, little sparkle

And grow ever brighter.

Bask in the love of family

That you will now encounter.

And never, ever stop dreaming

Because you never know when a dream

Might become reality.

By: Ann Martin

January 4, 2006

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