This Man

Triumphantly He rode into town

To cries of hosanna!

And blessed be the king!

Palm branches waving

Cloaks thrown down

Exultant worshippers

Praised this humble man

A week sped by

As He healed the sick

Made the lame to walk

And gave sight to the blind

His heart ached as He watched

Sanctimonious priests and scribes

Ignoring the cries of the needy

The leaders saw

Anger and jealousy ensued

They plotted and schemed

To make an end

Of this humble man’s life

An end to Him they thought

Would return peace and comfort

To their holy city

Within days they found a way

To bring about His demise

In a garden with a kiss

They had Him arrested

Before the High Priest

He was brought

False witnesses, vile lies

All were against this man

Kill they must!

Make an end to Him!

Before a Roman procurator

He was taken

Beaten and scourged

Cries of crucify! Crucify!

A crown of thorns

Laid on His brow

Mocked and scorned

Reviled and spurned

He was nailed to time’s cruel beam

He breathed His last

Beneath the skies darkened shroud

Laid within a cold tomb

It seemed His end had finally come

Three days later weeping mourners

Came to prepare Him

For His eternal rest

But much to their amazement

His body was not to be found

“He is alive!” angels declared

How could this be?

Queried all around

Only God could do such a thing!

Yes, only God could do it

And do it He did

All for the love of sinful man

Providing a path for the unrighteous

To become righteous

To reconcile all men

And give the promise of eternal life

An amazing thing was done

By the one and only Son

Of our heavenly Father

Guilt and sin laid on the back

Of this humble man

So sing praises

Shout hallelujah!

Give honor to our King

Accept the offer of eternal life

Given by this Man.

By: Ann Martin

April 15, 2006

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