Thoughts, just what are they?

They’re sometimes down

They’re sometimes up

And in them you can sometimes drown.

They wander here

They meander there.

But do they really get you anywhere?

So much of life is spent in thought

Really more than I think we ought.

When we let them go

They wander to and fro.

They tend to dominate and control.

Our very lives a toll.

How can we bring them back under discipline,

If they have us in such spin?

We need our Lord, the God Most High

Who with a great big deep down sigh

Can bring our minds round about.

It is Him we cannot do without.

It is Him who nudges us toward release

And brings the turmoil to blessed peace.

He is our Savior, our friend, our guide.

From Him we should never try to hide.

By: Ann Martin 9/30/94

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