Time Marches On

This poem is dedicated to my son & daughter-in-law

Just yesterday

He was born

Or so it seems

A tiny babe

Held firmly in my arms

And time marches on…

Soon he was walking

And chatting away

Exploring a world

All new to him

Exciting and inviting

And time marches on…

Into school

He did march

With it’s many adventures

New friends to make

And knowledge to gain

And time marches on…

High school days

And graduation

On to higher education

Rushing ever forward

Into his tomorrows

And time marches on…

New friends

New goals

New hopes

New dreams

A young man he is now

And time marches on…

Cupid’s arrow

Has struck his heart

Smitten him with love

He blends his life with one so dear

And new arms hold him firm

And time marches on…

My blessings I have given

Releasing him to his love

Praying for his happiness

And many dreams fulfilled

As he steps into tomorrow

And time marches on…

By: Ann Martin

August 13, 2005

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