The Christmas Tree

It is time to decorate the tree

To celebrate a birthday

Out we bring the ornaments

And shining bright lights

To adorn our tree

As you decorate this tree

Donít forget the most important things

Start with a robe of purple

Worn by a humble man

Add on some bloody stripes

All across the back

On top adorn it with a crown of thorns

Then further down

Add some great big nails

A wooden cross should be there too

Along with a visage of agony

Add a mother weeping softly

For a son she has lost

Then comes a tomb

All cold and lonely

Closed up with a rock

Donít forget the angels

Who by that grave did stand

And told of great news

Add a gift of life all wrapped prettily

Along with the precious hope

Of a better day to come

But most of all donít forget

The very thing our Lord suffered for

The love and reconciliation

He offers to each of us

Who will on bended knee

Accept all he has to offer

Now our tree is finished

And stands there in its glory

It may not be a pretty tree

But it is the best of all

By: Ann Martin

August 1, 1999

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