Trust in the Lord I have always heard.

But it is hard to do when your money runs out,

And the bills keep coming,

And the food runs low,

Your kids need shoes,

Or your car needs a fix.

What do you do when phone calls come

And the collector comes calling?

How do you keep the wolves at bay

And the vultures from descending?

At times like this it may seem

You are all alone with no one to help.

Itís hard to keep the fear from descending

And the worry from arising.

But there is someone who is always there.

It says in the Bible that God will provide

For you every need, but you must believe.

Take God up on the promises Heís made.

Humble yourself and ask His forgiveness

For not trusting in Him

And worrying instead.

Bow down and pray.

Do as the Good Book says;

Ask and you shall receive.

Donít forget to thank Him

For everything that you have.

After all He is the one

Who provided it all.

Praise God, sing a song, rejoice;

Youíll find your mood will suddenly shift

And maybe, just maybe things arenít

As bad as they seem!

By: Ann Martin


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