What would Jesus do

If He walked on earth again?

How would He perceive

All our busyness as we go about our day?

Would He accompany the lonely man

Who at the end of a harried day

Ends in the local bar?

Would He seek out the woman

Who is considering an abortion

And comfort her misery?

Would he be a companion

To the homeless and wander

Here and there seeking a little refuge?

Would He hold the hungry child

As hunger pangs knaw away at him

In all his suffering?

Or would He ignore, calmly look away

So as to not be confronted by the pain, the misery

And all the loneliness?

Would he sit in a church sanctuary

On a Sunday morning

Looking pious and justified?

Would He as many do

Go about His business each day

Ignoring all the suffering

Found everywhere around Him?

Would He try to climb the corporate ladder

As He amasses all the riches

To share with none?

Would He look with disdain

Upon the poor, the prisoner

The addict and the drunk?

Not the Jesus that I know!

Not the Lord of Peace and Love!

By: Ann Martin 10/97

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