Where death is thy sting?

My Lord has conquered you,

Overthrown you and cast you down.

Where doubt is thy strength?

My Lordís strength is all I need.

Doubt is nothing in His presence.

Where fear are thy teeth?

Where my Lordís love is

Fear has not a chance.

Where disease can you prevail?

He took your ravaging wrath upon Himself.

He removed your weapons of destruction.

Death and doubt, fear and disease

May seem to prevail for a day.

But in Godís eternal plan

He will bring His sheep

Into His heavenly fold.

He will draw all His loved ones

To His protective side.

He will establish His own

Rewarding them for their faith.

In His royal abode

Death and doubt, fear and disease

Cannot come near!

By: Ann Martin

July 20, 2003

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