Who put the sparkle in a childís eye?

Who put the joy in their laughter?

Who gives them the freedom to run and play?

Who makes their hair so soft?

Who gives the quiet peace when a story you read?

What is special about a cuddle with a small child?

Who put the tones in their voice when they sing?

Why is it that a playful, happy child can renew your hopes?

What makes me want to hold them in the safety of my arms?

What gives me the strength to go on no matter the demands they make?

Why is it they can act so bold and yet be so sweet?

"Who?" I ask you.

"What?" I ask you.

"Why?" I ask you.

It is my Heavenly Father who does all these things.

It is because He loves the children so much.

He entrusts them to my care

To let me have a glimpse

Of the glory of His creation

And to share the love Heís put inside of me.

I thank God for each child,

For giving me the ability to teach.

I can touch so many lives

And give them some of my Godís love!

By: Ann Martin 7/18/94



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