Who Am I?

Who am I, Lord

That You would care so much?

How is it, Lord

That You desire to give so much?

Even in my sinful state

And acting at my worst,

You, Lord, still love me

You never turn away.

Why is it You are so patient,

Always waiting ‘til I look Your way?

I am such a tiny spec

In Your vast and wondrous universe.

And I am such a small person

In this world where I live.

I don’t have vast riches

To give to You Lord,

Nor do I know how to

Bring thousands together

And teach them about You.

I am just a humble woman

Trying to be what you want me to be.

At times I feel so insignificant,

So lowly and unprepared.

And sometimes I find myself drifting

And wandering aimlessly about.

But when I do I sense a tug at my heart

Calling me back to You.

When I turn to see

Who could be calling me so urgently,

Yet so sweetly,

I find it is You once again

Holding Your arms out to me,

Guiding me back to Your side

Where You tenderly care for me.

And once again I find myself asking

Who am I, Lord,

Who am I?


By: Ann Martin

November 20, 2005


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