Why Lord

Why Lord does my life

Seem always in turmoil?

Why is it that each time

I think Iíve made progress

And can stop to take a breath

Along comes another disaster?

Why do I have to always struggle

To get the little that I have?

Why is it always so hard

To find a few moments of peace?

People are constantly coming to me

Seeking my advice

As if I have all the answers.

Why Lord, why?

I donít seem to know the answers

To my own troubles.

How can I help others with theirs?

Each day I rise wondering

What new thing will happen today?

And each day along comes

Another hurtle to jump

Or to be put aside.

As I get older

I so long for some peace.

Where do I find it Lord?

I desire that sweet release

I have often heard of.

But it always seems allusive

And too far for me to reach.

Help me Lord and calm my soul.

Take this troubled life of mine

And make it your tool.

Help me to display your love

And the promise of Your peace.

By: Ann Martin

October 4, 2000

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