Winter Days

Winter days are upon us

Days of cold and wind

Wet and dreary days

Skies filled with gray clouds

Trees with bare branches rattling in the wind

But in this dreary scene

There are blessings to be found

In a tiny raindrop

God's creation is reflected

A microcosm of the beauty to be found

In the distance a lonely bird's song is heard

That bird is praising it's Creator

And telling of God's love

Within a home a warm fire is a blazing

Drawing friends and family near

Many hours are spent there cozy in its comfort

Outside the cold earth is sleeping

Storing up energy for the spring to come

Barren it looks now, but soon...

Tiny green shoots will break through

Turning into a rainbow of color

That was once hidden beneath

The dark cold ground

Winter is a time of slowing down

A time for reflection

It is the earth's chance to rest

Before breaking forth with astounding beauty

Soft snow covers the ground

In many places all around

Holding tight it's secrets

A waiting for spring's warmth

Days are ever so short

Nights are cold and long

But as winter days stretch toward spring

The sun begins to push back the darkness

Lengthening the days once again

In these days of forced confinement

Let us spend our time in quiet reflection

Of the wonders of God's saving grace

And the love He freely gives

Let His love touch every corner

Of heart and soul

Reaching every area of the mind

Thawing the cold recesses

Returning the warmth and joy

First known when saving knowledge

Unlocked the door of your heart

Let not the cold and dreary days

Dampen the embers of your heart

Instead, let God's hand fan the flame

Let the fire burn brightly through your eyes

Drawing the lost to God's side

Where they may know

Of His eternal salvation

And the blessings of His love.

By: Ann Martin

January 2, 2005

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