Years will come

And years will go.

Relatives and friends will die.

And babies will be born.

In between birth and death

Each of us tries to find

Some meaning to this earthly life.

We dream our dreams,

And some come true.

While others just fade away.

We look for hope

In every day.

Trying to find

The one great reason to go on.

What is the purpose?

We often wonder…

Why do I try?

A query oft repeated.

What should I do

With this life I have been given?

Where will I go when I leave this shell?

Within this world of self examination

Deep down inside

There is a part of us

That knows of something more.

There is a presence within us

We seem to innately know.

A part that is from somewhere outside of us.

A part we yearn to bring forth.

For those of us who seek earnestly

We find that part is our Heavenly Father.

He has put a part of Himself within each one.

Until we seek Him out we feel empty inside

Once we have made the discovery

Of His hope and ever abiding love

We yearn to please Him

And go where He resides.

In the ensuing years

Between our birth and death

A love story can unfold

A story no human can fulfill.

Without the Lord we are nothing.

Without Him we are doomed.

Without Him life isn’t worth living.

He gives us hope and reason.

He gives the most precious gift of all.

He gives us eternal life.

All we have to do is accept.

By: Ann Martin

June 1, 2003

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